Sacramento News and Review

Sacramento News and Review has this cool program where they invite artists to do work on their newsboxes. It’s a great program and it’s puts the art on the street where the people are. Don’t get me wrong, galleries are great… if anyone went to galleries. This is the kind of initiative urban communities should be taking. Utilizing the creativity and talent of their artists and making the city a more vibrant and inspiring place. Big ups to SN&R for this. The other awesome thing about this program is it saves me the hassle of having to go out and steal a box, bring it back to my studio and then return it. SNR BoxSNR box 2

In my haste to finish this on time I forgot to actually take a pic of it completely done. If you’re in Sacramento you might see it around somewhere.

4 responses to “Sacramento News and Review

  1. thats sweet cuz i live in sac were in sac did they put the box at?

  2. hey love ur stuff i live in sac .were did snr put the box at in sac at so i can check it out

    • yo adrian,
      I actually have no idea where they put it. I don’t know sac very well and The last time I saw it they I dropped it off with SNR.

  3. oh really alright then and um hey did u get that other comment that i wrote on ur UNFINISH BUSINESS page im really interested in that poster thing

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