I did this commission for Dosa on Fillmore back a few months ago. It’s a great interior to work with because the pallet is right up my alley. The piece is titled “imminence”. I tried to use the architecture to juxtapose 3 very different periods in Mumbai. The left building, the right building and the high rise in the background. Everything in the shadow of that highrise will come to pass. It’s a path not unique to India. Often carelessness is the step child of racing toward the future. Consideration and preservation are tedious matters and often after thoughts. So many places in the world stand on this precipice.

4 responses to “DOSA

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  2. Eddie, this piece takes my breath away. Any chance you can create a copy? Not sure how that works (at a smaller scale)? DOSA is my “happy” place and this painting has a lot to do with it. AMAZING WORK!

  3. I may eventually do a small edition of screen prints. If I do it’ll be posted here.
    Thanks for the kind words

  4. Any chance you’ve decided to do the edition of screen prints of this painting? I absolutely love this painting of yours and would love to get a copy. Thank you!

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