I did this piece a few weeks back for the “truisms- a tribute to jenny holtzer” show @ Space Gallery
After this past weeks elections I am more firmly planted in these assertions.

Below is the text on this piece.
You’re big.
You’re dumb.
You’re white.
You drink beer
and watch the NFL because it mirrors your approach to conflict.
You over-consume and under achieve.
You think you are this nation.
You think you are the heir to this nation.
You have traded our legacy for mitigated fear and complacency.
You distrust intellectuals and aspire to stagnation.
You rent spaces to store things you never needed.
You elect simple men to guide you through a complex world.
You cry to mandate a language you haven’t mastered.
You’re afraid of everything.
You’re angry.
You watch TV
You let men with lapel mics tell you why you’re angry and who you’re angry with.
You fly by, drop bombs and expect to leave freedom and democracy in your wake.
You feed your children crap food, crap information and crap entertainment.
You think you represent all we stand for,
when in fact, your arrogance and ignorance
will be our ultimate failure.
You’re lazy and distracted.
You blame as if blaming is a resolution.
You veil your fascism and xenophobia under the righteous indignation of patriotism.
You’re reactionary.
You feel entitled.
You carry signs and wave flags and pump your fists.
You chant USA like baboons fighting for a female.
You cling to that remaining DNA.
You pull history from it’s context and twist it into some malformed quasi platform.
You preach patriotism and freedom and spend your money on goods made under
totalitarian regimes.
You vote with your dollars.
You abandon your values and ideals in exchange low low prices.
You preach christianity in a manner that ignores it’s very tenets.
You stand as an impedance to progress,
as if you could hold back a world that is moving past you.
You scream and roar like a dinosaur amidst plummeting temperatures.
and if anyone owes anyone an apology
you owe me one.


17 responses to “Flag

  1. I like it. succinct.

  2. Rebecca Minnefield

    Not afraid to tell you that if you hate America so much why not go somewhere else. Is any part of you budget funded by National endowment for the arts? Gee who pays for that? Off the sweat of hardworking American backs.

    • Quite the contrary. If I actually hated America, I would sit silent as the likes of the Palin, Beck and The tea party, eroded it’s very foundation and watch it collapse. The only reason for doing a piece like this is that it’s an opportunity to take issue with things before they do more damage to this country. I’m not going somewhere else. I’m going to be right here, raising my voice and objecting, when I see ignorance and fear affecting the direction of this country. If you don’t like a society where people can openly debate and express ideas that differ from yours, perhaps you should go somewhere else. As far as you NEA question… No, I do not receive grants from the NEA, or from any government agency. I’ve never even collected unemployment or received any government assistance of any kind. I am actually very good at taking care of myself.

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  4. I’m sorry which side is doing the eroding? The right? You were supposed to learn the difference between right and left when you were 4, but I see you have them confused.

  5. And comment moderation too, that’s nice. Censorship is so rewarding. I don’t believe in it on my blog, let people say what they will.

  6. Funny, everything in here describes the (Lyndon) Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and Obama administrations intentions towards the creation of the Founding Fathers. See their welfare leech programs, giving money to those that would destroy us (Obama’s admin DID give Hamas 900 million taxpayer dollars, Clinton sat in the Oval Office cheating on Hillary while Al Qaeda was bombing our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, in the planning stages of what happened on 9/11, Carter bent over for Iran when they held the Embassy in Tehran hostage for 444 days, Johnson ushered in the slave class we still have today, thanks to the Great Society, which was nothing more than welfare handouts, taking money from those that work, and giving it to those that sit on their fat asses popping out babies). Ignorance? Buddy, I am the son of LEGAL immigrants (there is a huge difference between legal and ILLEGAL, FYI), who patiently waited their turn to get visas so they could give me a better life. I have achieved it, and I watch TV, I watch the NFL, I drink beer, I am brown, and I am big ( from pumping iron). I am strong, too. I did not vote for the simpleton occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave (note that even when he has a teleprompter, every other word is “uh/um/ah”). I know why I am angry (liberal socialism being forced down our throats, like Obamacare. NOWHERE in the Constitution does healthcare become a resonsibility of the government). I demand English be spoken in the United States, despite my command of Spanish and Portuguese, and understanding French, German, Arabic, and Italian. Renting space to store things that do not fit in my living space is my right. It is called LIBERTY. This is not pre-1989 East Germany. I can buy and store as much as my income allows. You lament our spending money on goods made by totalitarian regimes, yet you would probably be the first to condemn invasion and taking down of that regime if it were to happen. Much like the sycophants cry foul over the removal of Saddam. I do not preach any religion, I am not a big fan of cults, nor do I like the taste of kool-aid.

  7. “Artist” = fuckin douche bag, get a job.

  8. Infantile. Unoriginal. Sad.

  9. Classy. While you are entitled to voice your opinion about how much you hate roughly half of this country, you should realize that someday that hate’s going to catch up with you, and not in a good way.

  10. This is brilliant. I’m a Canadian with a rather patriotic American mother and am a first year at a university in Hamilton (close to Toronto) and I can say with honesty that this is great. Yes, I was referred here from IMAO and yes, I do enjoy my Frank J and his well honed sense of irony, but you can count on this being bookmarked and passed on. You’ve hit the nail on the head; I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  11. The American national past time is baseball. The Canadian national past time is whining about America.

    Just be glad Canada makes a nice hat for us.

  12. Dude, your work is fucking amazing. I’m truly hoping you keep up these pathetic comments up just to remind you (and everyone else viewing the page) about WHO THIS PIECE IS ABOUT.

    If you don’t like the words this artist has to speak, go the fuck away. How are you able to type when you’re using your bible to masturbate into your gun?

    Our founding fathers fought hard to keep America in the hands of the Enlightened, because they knew the common man could only see black and white, ignoring the gray complexities this world possesses.

  13. Using a bible to…

    You are barely coherent. If you really want to insult someone you have to work harder than that.

    Of course if your goal is to spout off nonsense, you’re doing a great job.

    The word art apparently refers to anything these days. A magic marker and American flag, does not art make.

  14. This flag was used on the WNYC website yesterday. WNYC is the national public radio affiliate for New York.

  15. What interests me about this whole thing, at least what interests me the most, is the line: “You are white”

    Since when is using race in a derogatory fashion not racism? What, I wonder, would be the reception if that line was changed to read “black”? After all every other line is attributable to blacks as well as whites. You seem to condone racism.

  16. wonderful.

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