Enrage them with fear until they feel justified in their violence

51 responses to “Enrage them with fear until they feel justified in their violence

  1. Dude, I have a few questions for you: Is this “art” a commentary about the shootings in Arizona? Why are you speaking out against free speech? What has ANYONE said (including Sarah Palin) that has created “fear” or has “enraged” anyone? What are you quoting or did you come up with this on your own? Are you trying to imply that what she says causes others to commit violence? Do you even have one single true quote to make your point? What violence are you referring to? It would be great if you could back up your propaganda with FACTS. Please, I want to understand the meaning behind this poster. Explain it to me…pretend I’m stupid. Spell it out for me. Give me an example of what you are speaking out against. I’m totally fascinated now…

  2. Is there any way to get a stack of these? I’d be happy to pay for them. I could pick them up in SF, too!

  3. Eddie, found this via Reddit and lovelovelove it. I would like to print it out and post it everywhere in my town and the surrounding areas, but I also don’t want to take profit away from you. Would you prefer I buy as many prints as I want; buy a print and make copies; or just print it out? I know this question sounds fairly simplistic of me to ask, but I know artists have different standards when it comes to their works, so I figured I’d ask. 🙂 Take care!

  4. Lady with an internet connection she so scary. She scarier than Che (cool poster!). She scarier than Mao (cool Devo jackets!). She scarier than Uncle Joe (he so strong!).

  5. Dang Eddie! Just who are you trying to enrage with fear?

  6. Now THAT’s hateful rederic of the first kind. Tell us how you really feel about people who’s opinion differs from yours. Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin state facts. They don’t put other people’s words in other peoples mouths. Of course you would have to actually listen to their actual words first. Why didn’t you put YOUR face over your words?

    • I guess Sarah and Glenn taught you how to spell too. It’s not “rederic”. it is rhetoric!

      • There you go trying to act intellectually superior again, DeLane. By the way, your comment to Adam’s post below was so very witty. I am really impressed. Also, should the “I” in the first word of your last sentence above have been capitalized? I guess that’s a point off for you! Tsk tsk! (In case it escapes you, I could care less about your grammar, punctuation or spelling. I was attempting sarcasm in order to show you that what is in your heart is more important than your writing abilities.)

  7. How is this supposed to lower the rhetoric and keep us safer?

    • Agreed and a very good point that I’m afraid you won’t find an answer to from Mr. Eddie or his cohorts. They apparently believe the same “rules” shouldn’t apply to them.

  8. I find it ironic that you are making a political statement about influencing other people’s emotions by influencing other people’s emotions. Ironic & hypocritical, actually, since you are trying to enrage others against Sarah Palin. If she is killed does that make you responsible? Or does that responsibility lie solely with the individual who hung her in effigy as a Halloween stunt?

    • Eddie is simply using Palin’s own practice of extravagant exaggeration against her, and with great effect. Now you can return to your make-believe gulch. Dagny Palin, Francisco Beck and Hank Limbaugh are waiting.

      • Thank you for your input, DeLane, but I stand by my analogy. The left thinks all is well and proper as long as they are the ones doing the provoking and engaging in “vitriolic” speech, as in the incident with the hanging Palin effigy. You know very well what would have gone down were the hanging effigy representing any of the “mainstream” media’s darling leftists.
        The fact that Eddie has used a graphic intended to stir hate against Governor Palin is a prime example of the left’s hypocrisy and double standards when it comes to the matter of freedom of speech and what is considered divisive, hateful and vitriolic.
        The YouTube video showing all the death “tweets” against Palin is more evidence of “progressives” denouncing the right and center-right for an action and then taking it several steps further themselves.
        Mock me as you will, but you can’t refute the truth. The left’s strongest tactic is to “act” intellectually and morally superior by mocking their detractors in order to spin the discussion away from the topic at hand but it’s getting old and is failing to work. When all else fails, you call those on the right racists and homophobes hoping that will divert attention from your own prejudices and intolerance. Now that people have other sources for information than the mainstream media, the left’s lies and misrepresentations don’t hold sway and that just incites them to become more and more extreme as evidenced by the tweets previously mentioned.
        Good day.

  9. Can Eddie cite a single inflammatory thing Sarah Palin has ever said? What, her “targeting” political opponents for defeat, as all political parties have always said and done?

    You call opposition to your socialist agenda racism, just because your agenda is being spearheaded by a semi-black man. Pure moral fraud. If you ever talked to anyone besides your own lying cohorts, you would know to be ashamed.

    Something for you to consider: If every political word out of your mouth, and every political thought in your head, is dishonest propaganda, then how can you possibly be right about anything? All of this dishonesty is in the service of your presumptions about what is right, but since you are immersed in dishonesty, your ideas about what is right can only be wrong.

    Asked by Pilate to account for himself, Jesus said: “I came into the world to be a witness for truth.” Truth is two things. First, it is a process: being honest about what you have grounds to assert, and policing yourself so that you do not asserting things that go beyond what you actually have grounds to assert. Then there is the substance of what you have grounds to assert.

    Because you leftists are not honest about what you have grounds to assert, and basically feel free to lie about anything and everything in the service of what you presume to be right, you lose all connection to truth, so that our presumptions about right can only be wrong, making you a force of nihilistic destruction, fighting vehemently for one wrong thing after another.

    You may not believe that Jesus was the son of God. I am agnostic on that. But he was the greatest moral theorist in the history of the world. Let the possibility seep into your mind for a day, a week, a month, of following him in this one thing–of being a witness for truth, not of what you PRESUME to be true, but of what you actually have grounds to assert–police yourself on this, and look critically at the ungrounded assertions of you fellows, and it will give your moral faculties a chance to work again. Likely you will stay in this mode. You will grow in it, and you will be completely changed.

    Try it. I dare you. For your own good, and for the world’s, stop being evil left wing trash. You fell into this hole by embracing what seemed to you to be advantageous dishonesties. You let whatever interpretation best served your perceived interests become your conception of the truth. But that is lying to yourselves. Surely you can figure out that it is not in your interest to be lied to by ANYONE, most especially by yourself. In lying to yourselves you are putting your own eyes out. The only reason you can think this is to your advantage is BECAUSE you have blinded yourselves in this way. Luckily for you, you didn’t actually poke a stick into an organ. The mistake is reversible. Just try trusting in truth, in what you actually have grounds to assert.

    Before you go posting a slanderous claim about another person on the web an around the city, consider whether you actually have a shred of evidence for what you are saying. Do it for a day, a week, a month, whenever you make a slanderous assertion about the people you hate, question whether you actually know what you are asserting. “Wait a minute,” you can say to yourself, “do I actually know that?” Do you actually have any EVIDENCE? Do you have any grounds besides PRESUMPTION for saying that? The same for your friends. Do they actually have grounds for what they are asserting?

    Let this question pop into your head and you will give your unused moral faculties a chance to come online again. Your eyes will open to the fact that there IS such a thing as truth: not your presumptions about what is in your interest, but a REAL truth, out there in the world, that moral people must first witness before they can possibly be a force for good in the world.

    • i am with you alec jeus is the lord and sara for president the rest of you dont know wht your ass in hole in the ground

  10. I hope this sort of thing gets your vandalizing ass shot.

  11. Great Eddie:
    Still holding your dick in your mouth? How about Eddie if you do a painting with a 4ft broomstick up your ass?

    Just more of the same bullshit of liberal bullying.

  12. This is perfect… succinct, perfect imagery… I love your work and statements!

    • I agree that the imagery is effective. It’s just too bad that the whole thing is based on the brazen lie that Sarah Palin is somehow responsible for enraging anyone with fear or inspiring anybody to violence.

      You DO read the news, don’t you, Joan? You DO realize that Jared Loughner probably wanted to kill Congresswoman Giffords long before most of America had even heard of Sarah Palin?

      If you don’t believe that, than you are probably the type of person who believes what you want to believe and doesn’t want anyone disturbing your perfect little lies with truth.

      The same goes for you, Eddie, you Shepard Fairey wannabe.

  13. Still not as bad as when SP was hung in effigy by 2 WeHo residents on Halloween, 2008. I would say, when you have tens of thousands of ‘angry leftists’ slamming your a** day in and day out, it can be a bit stressful. If this bitterness keeps percolating… God help us all, one more time.

  14. Congrats. You just made the Drudge Report.

  15. Fantastic! And the conservative comments from Jim and Bob are simply underlining your point.

    Hi Reddit.

  16. The chance that “Jim” and “Bob” are conservatives, as Jeffurary claims, is just about zero. Much more likely they are leftists tossing Reichstag Fire matches. Want some examples? Google “hate crime fake.” There are hundreds of them, all perpetrated by leftists. Slander–blood libel–leftist pastime, on display now at this website.

  17. ❤ your work. Great job trolling those angry conservative assclowns. snap.

  18. Some Young Punk

    FYI. Fox news ain’t real.

  19. Putting these out makes you no better than FOX News. You do know that the guy had an issue with the woman long before Palin was heard of, right? I know you really want to believe that it’s Palin’s fault, but can’t you forget about your political views for a minute and look at the facts? BTW…I don’t care for Palin, but I believe in everyone being treated fairly. I can’t stand Obama either, but I would stand up for him if he was wrongly being accused of something.

  20. This is exactly the kind of thing us Constitutionalists need to get behind. There’s a lot to restore in this country, perhaps most importantly the right to store wealth without the fakery of the Federal Reserve.

    But more than that, we need to reconsider our response to terrorism. How are we to undermine the Obama-Homosexual nexus without understanding the Masonic theories that explain the religious meaning of our national monuments to terrorist attacks, as Alec Rawls has expertly documented (http://www.crescentofbetrayal.com/)?

    I would suggest that those who doubt Rawls’ theories take a close look at the graphic above, and note the angle that can be drawn between the two pieces of hair that compose her part. When a bisection of this angle is constructed, its extension meets directly, not with Mecca, but rather with the most prominent area of Palin’s right breast.

    As is widely recognized, it was Cain that took from the milk of the right teat.

    A more informative caption would draw attention to this widely ignored feature of Palin’s standard hair dress. Even an amateur of Angles can safely state that her hairstyle points only to the Teat of Cain.

    I would respectively suggest the designer reconsider the caption.

    Long Live The Republic,
    God End The Federal Reserve,


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  22. Okay Eddie, I’m going to hold you to you slogan. I’m telling you now, and not asking your permission, that I’m going to print off and start a street art campaign using this poster in Seattle. It’s too good not to share. Email me if you have a problem with that. Thanks for the great shit.

  23. Great Political Agitprop! MOAR!

  24. It’s just plain truth! While both sides of the political spectrum are guilty of nasty rhetoric, the conservative right has gone above and beyond in making a point at pushing the “second amendment remedies” in the face of their constituents! Gun metaphors and terminology, in a heated atmosphere, isn’t the smartest thing for a political figure to do! You have to be pretty dense to not understand that there are those on the lunatic fringe that will take your words literally and to heart! Sarah Palin is not responsible, just irresponsible! As is anyone who calls for violent action, literally or metaphorically!

  25. Alec, B, LN Smithee, Jim, GK, and John Galt

    Try divorcing yourselves from the political ideology you hold and examine just what is taking place in this country. Palin, Beck, Limbuagh and those of their ilk are spouting fear and hate pure and simple. Are they responsible for the actions of Jared? No. But are they responsible for creating the framework where extreme actions are considered “patriotic?” You can bet your ass they are. Their rhetoric is a call to arms to all the wingnuts out there. Are you not tired of the insanity? And rest assured they all know EXACTLY what they are doing. It is all about power and visibility. I am sick and tired of the mantra “Take our country back.” Back from what exactly? Back from the marxist, fascist, nazi, liberals? What the honest truth is when it comes to the average Tea Party person….there is a black man in the White House and that is just unacceptable to them. When did it become acceptable to hold cognitive dissonance in such a high regard? It is shameful. If you are a true conservative, Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Pat Robertson, Ted Hagert, Angle, and O’Donnell should make you all sick to your stomach. If those are the folks that are the guide to being a conservative, we are all in deep trouble. Maybe you should direct your angst toward the talking heads on the right that propagate fear and hate. If liberals are so horrible, be sure to decline social security, medicare, and any other social benefits.

    Lastly, Palin is an idiot. Everyone knows it. She is quite comfortable playing the “victim.” She has no place in politics. She is dangerous to our democracy. I look forward to when we can actually have a debate on policy in this country again, but my cynicism is soon to overtake my optimism.

    • Nate, Please read my reply to DeLane Poole above and it applies to you as well. Wherever you people get the idea that the Tea Party is against President Obama because he is black is totally beyond me and calling them racist does not change the fact that he is a free-spending socialist intent on making the United States a socialist “utopia”.
      How about we try a little experiment: those of you who think living in a socialist country is so wonderful, why don’t you move to one of the European socialist countries for a couple of years? If you like it, stay there. If you don’t like it, come back and help us move this country back to being a strong capitalist nation with jobs, growth and prosperity for those willing to work for it.

      • John,
        The old “if you don’t like it leave” is about as anti-democracy as it gets. I am a firm believer in “if you don’t like it, change it”. Or “if you don’t like it, VOTE”. I have approved all your comments and I could say the same thing regarding my blog…”if you don’t like it, leave”. However, people should be allowed to express their differing views , that is how democracies work.

      • Eddie, I agree with your philosophy and regret that that is what my reply wound up suggesting. My original intent was to make the point that many who advocate for more socialism believe it to be so preferable to our democratic republic that I would just like for them to experience it first-hand before they work so hard to have it impressed upon the rest of us who have no desire for that form of government or lifestyle. Best Regards.

      • John, I’m not from one of the European socialist countries, but living in Australia means that I live (and have lived my entire life) with many of the things that the Republicans/Tea Party seem to be against: I am entitled to Government funded public health care. I am entitled to a minimum wage that I can actually survive on. I am entitled to social welfare payments that I can actually survive on if I lose my job or am unable to work. I am NOT allowed to own a gun.

        I do not understand how any of these so called *socialist* things are negatives. And I find it very odd that any politician or commentator is able to frame them as negatives and actually get away with it! Especially health care! Perhaps so many people wouldn’t be anti-government if the government was actually allowed to do positive things for its people, like pay for their health care, care for them when they lose their jobs, or stop them from shooting eachother.

        Which brings me to gun control. It seems that in the wake of the tragic event in Tucson, gun control is not even being considered. Cannot be considered. Why? Following a similar event in Australia in 1996 (although of a larger scale), my government heavily restricted (and in most cases, banned) gun ownership. There was widespread opposition – even the US NRA and US Christian Coalition weighed in to oppose the ban (perhaps worried about the effect a successful ban may have in their own country). But in the end, the democratically elected conservative government of the day did what was in the best interests of its citizens’ safety and banned firearms.

        Have any of these things caused Australia to go down the toilet? Well, if you look at our strong economy, low unemployment rate and minimal firearm deaths, I’d say that *socialism* is working for us.

  26. Brilliant. Make T-Shirts (black on white) — you’ll make a killing. Ooops, bad choice of words.

  27. Heh heh.

    You’re really pissing some of these reactionaries off. Please keep up the good work. Look! They’re even pulling out: “Well you like socialism so much move to Sweden!” horse shit! Truly a sign of a job well done.

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  33. This is brilliant. Clearly it’s not saying Palin caused the AZ shootings… it’s saying the conservative message/fear mongering breed the perfect environment for such violence…

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