The Occupation X Eddie Colla

It would seem that something is happening… Occupy Wall St is in it’s 3rd week and collectively occupations have been sprouting up across the country. It doesn’t seem as though any of this is slowing down. Despite an overly aggressive NYPD and an absentee media, this is growing. Should be and interesting week.

3 responses to “The Occupation X Eddie Colla

  1. Where can I buy the above sticker?

  2. Hi Eddie,
    I am launching an informative magazine (Occupy the Magazine) in January and I would love to use the red, white and blue Guy Fawkes mask as a logo. So can I? It is a powerful image, and it will help the mag get the word about the movement and kindle more public support. My email is Thanks in advance. Also there will be a website and a facebook page. You (if you are the artist) will get full credit.

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