Ambition – Poster release -Eddie Colla

If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission.

Released Today.
Ambition 2 color hand screened poster.
This is a limited edition of 50 signed and numbered
Printed in Black and Metallic Gold on 110 lb Cranes 100% Cotton Rag
Now Available at

30 responses to “Ambition – Poster release -Eddie Colla

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  2. Eddie – your art is rad and beautiful. Thank you for doing what you do.
    Do you do any animation? If so I would like to talk to you about a photo/motion project I’m working on.

    • Tristan,
      Funny you should mention animation. I’ve been tryin to get something rolling with this character and story to do a short film or series. Let’s talk about this some more

  3. Eddie,
    Any interest in talking to us about the possibility of a wall mural for a new restaurant opening in SF’s Mission district soon? How can we contact you about this?


  4. Eddie, This piece of shit artist is ripping you off. giving you a heads up.

  5. Why has the I Acknowledge Class Warfare website using your Ambition piece without attribution? They seem to have cut off the Eddie bit at the bottom of the poster, here:

  6. Is there any of there posters left?

  7. Any chance of putting the art on the poster onto a t-shirt? I’d like to have one.

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  9. If you ever print more of these you have a buyer. Love this.

  10. Is there any way i can get one of these on canvas? If so, how much would it cost? I’m absolutely in love with it!

  11. Feel very sad that I missed the boat on this print…any chance of a different edition of this piece in the future…I need this message in my life. Love your work x

  12. Reblogged this on rachelmsymons and commented:
    As a young woman of the modern feminist movement, I hear from others that we let the feminist issues become our barriers to achieving equality.

  13. Hi Eddie,
    I’m new to the world of collecting art & prints. Absolutely gutted that I missed the boat on “Ambition”. I love the statement that this piece makes!!!
    Is there any chance that you will be releasing a future variant run of this or have some printers proofs, test runs, or APs lying around? If not, would you be willing to do a commission of this for me & if so then how much would it set me back?

  14. Hi Eddie,
    Absolutely love this piece & the message! Totally devestated I missed out on this due to being a newbie to street art & collecting.
    Any chance you have any test runs, APs, Variants, or extras lying around?
    Keep up the awe inspiring work/art!

  15. What exactly really encouraged u to write “Ambition –
    Poster release -Eddie Colla | Eddie”? Igenuinely enjoyed it!
    Many thanks ,Austin

  16. “Ambition – Poster release -Eddie Colla | Eddie” http://edmonton-industrial.
    com genuinely enables myself imagine a little bit more.
    I appreciated each and every particular part of this blog post.
    Regards ,Therese

  17. I saw this at a clients place yesterday and went on a mission to get one for myself. Bummer they aren’t available. Please let me know when you release more.


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  20. Eddie, is this print available for purchase? I’d love to have this in my studio.

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