Facebook and the art of denial

After a few weeks of literally everything on facebook breaking, it finally occurred to me. It’s fucking designed to break, to constantly be confusing, to add features, move features and remove features. Some days you can’t change your profile pic, some days you can’t create a new album, etc. Facebook is working on the principal that if something is frustrating, a challenge and won’t do what you need it to do, you obsess about it.

This makes perfect sense given it’s creator. Prior to 2005, Mark Zuckerberg was a guy who couldn’t have gotten laid in Bangkok wearing a suit made of $100 bills. His whole mindset and in fact his motivation for creating social networks revolved around rejection. So it’s should be no surprise that he created facebook to be exactly the thing formed him, something that is sort of unattainable and fickle. You can post photos, but it’s a pretty shitty platform, you can post video again a mediocre platform, you can do a lot of things, but in the end they are all kind of half-assed and unsatisfying. Zuckerberg basically designed the girl who kinda flirts with you but will never sleep with you, something you are drawn into because you can’t really ever have it. That has to be by design. It’s unrealistic to think that level of ongoing incompetence would be tolerated at an operation the size of facebook. It’s a dangerous thing to let the socially retarded throw a really big party.

6 responses to “Facebook and the art of denial

  1. I have no love for Facebook, but the former captain of the Exeter fencing team and prize-winning academic who is doing brilliantly at Harvard is having trouble getting laid? Unlikely.

    I think instead you overestimate the collective competence of large organizations. The size of an organization has little bearing on how careful, ethically coherent, or efficient the organization is.

  2. I agree with you, and I like to think that the asian looking girl he married spends her hard earned money on LV, Gucci and beauty saloons.

  3. The truth.

  4. Prophetic

  5. I think you nailed it.

  6. Exact ! More less ! Not only that … since prism every data-flow is triple detoured and all stupid features are only baits ! FB-users became the products , not the devices nor the platforms .
    Excellent work eddie !!!! Keep on ! ! !
    Never stop ! World is running out of soul – we need to do something !!

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