“Not By Victory” – Hand-Painted Multiples

“Not by Victory” was created for Innerstate Gallery to be exhibited at Scope New York 2015. It was part of 1XRUN’s curated multiples series.

Not-by-Victory2It is and edition of 5 and measures 14x18x1.75 in. The face of the image is made of 7 individual pieces of wood. The wood is salvaged from my neighborhood in East Oakland.

Not-By-Victory-Profile1The stencil on the front of the box reads “Simul Erasmus Magnum” Which is latin for “once we were great”  The stencil around the perimeter reads “There is no forever, we will all lose this battle and be judged not by victory but by character” The Eddie Logo is burned into the wood with a branding iron.

Each Piece is numbered and signed and there are NO artist proofs. There are only 5 of these. They are available online HERE AT 1XRUN

Not-by-Victory-detail2 Not-by-Victory-profile2

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