“I have a name but it doesn’t matter” Release at 1XRUN

I came to Detroit to sign the “Ambition” etched metal plates I released last month with 1Xrun. The plates were so heavy that it was cheaper for me to go to Detroit to sign them than it was to ship them to me. I had no plans of producing any work in Detroit. Detroit can be an inspiring place though because it endures.

These drop today March 17th at 9am PST HERE along with a small selection or original pieces

i have a name IGI made this small edition of 6 pieces on found wood and metal. The pieces are titled “I have a name but it doesn’t matter”. They are all signed and come with a certificate of authenticity. The size is 24×32.

The image is part of an ongoing series of work I’ve been doing for years around this character. The text on the pieces translate as “I have a name but it doesn’t matter”. The character and the story all take place in Hong Kong. The images revolve around finding one’s place in the world, survival and the rejection of fate. As a young girl the character was told by her father “There is no fate, Fate is the result of a life unattended”.



Here are a few of the originals that will be available at 1xrun

eddie-colla-next-1xrun-01 eddie-colla-finish-line-1xrun-01

Collaboration with James Swinsoneddie-colla-weight-of-souls-1xrun-01 eddie-colla-custos-memories-1xrun-01


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