Rushed appointments

The senate ain’t run by Jesus
it’s 2020 anno Domini
who still believes this?
your self righteousness
feels a bit
like you got something up
your sleeves
If it wasn’t so treasonous
it would almost be funny
writing laws
for santa claus
and the easter bunny
the boogeyman and god almighty
nighty nite, sleep tight
and keep thinking your savior
was white.
And count your money
but stop telling women who dictate their rights
Cuz no one needs your permission
and long ago the we stopped listening
you feign moral superiority
and speak in contradiction
and fuck the majority
and fuck your insistence
Your voice
doesn’t make her body“your” choice
how can we call you Justice?
when we’ve already discussed this
hard not to see
the hypocrisy in
subjugation via procreation
hardly seems like democracy
You’re pro-life?
And pro kids in cages?
and pro moms with stagnant wages?
and no family planning
for no one of any age?
Who the fuck do you think
You’re saving?
Save yourself and
keep your own house in order
say what you want to your wife and daughter
kneel on your alter in compliance
to the holy ghost not science
viewing the modern world as defiant
your faith claiming it’s meant to be
last time I checked
God ain’t a legal entity
and what it means to you
it never meant to me
Some bullshit about control and winning
but the world just keeps spinning
and spinning past ya
faster and faster
when these old men die
we’ll live happily
ever after.

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