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New stickers…

Got these in yesterday.

Filling Space @ Baxter and Cook

My show Filling Space opened at Baxter and Cook last week in SF and the opening was a good time.  There were a lot of people there and a good number of friends. My friend Judy (who modeled for several of the pieces) agreed to show up with her friend Amanda dressed in character. It was a blast chatting with everyone. Mad thanks to everyone who came and made it a good time.

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Moving pictures

The folks at Baxter and Cook thought it might be a good idea to have some video of me working for the show. So with the help of LO we put this together. It was kinda fun editing video and a nice change from what I usually do.

Filling Space

I got an exhibit called Filling Space comin up in about a week.
Thursday 1/14/10
Baxter & Cook Art Advisors: 2 Henry Adams Street, Suite 358, SF 94103

This is the press release they whipped up:

Baxter & Cook Art Advisors LLC is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of paintings by the Oakland based and nationally recognized artist Eddie Colla. Please be our guest at the opening reception on January 14th from 5-8PM

While Eddie has been actively exposing his wheatpastes and stencils for the two years throughout public spaces in the Bay Area; Eddie’s began to garner national recognition when his street art began incorporating images of Obama. Throughout the 2008 Presidential election Eddie created many variations of a total of six Obama designs including ‘Obama in New Era hat’ and ‘Forward’ which was translated in three languages. His growing popularity landed him attention on internet blogs, features in four published books, and participation in the “Manifest Hope Art Gallery” shows at the 2008 Democratic National Convention and at the Presidential Inauguration in Washington D.C. His designs have been transformed many times over, from stickers, album and magazine covers, and even on t-shirts notably worn by star Spike Lee during a CNN interview.

Eddie has participated in group exhibitions at San Francisco’s Space Gallery and Secession Gallery. Some of his well known public images include ‘Bike Girl,’ ‘Love Ain’t the Problem’ and ‘No More Excuses.’ He is included in the following four books, Art for Obama – (Designing Manifest Hope and the Campaign for Change) edited by Shepard Fairey & Jennifer Gross, Design for Obama by Aaron Perry-Zucker and Spike Lee with Steven Heller, Hope A collection of Obama Posters and Prints by Hall Elliot Wert, and San Francisco Street Art by Steve Rotman

January 14th, 2010
Baxter & Cook Art Advisors LLC
2 Henry Adams Street, Suite 358
San Francisco, CA 94104
RSVP at info@baxterandcook.com

After Party:
Please join us at the new Eve Lounge for the official “Filling Space” after party to begin around 9PM. Eve is located at 575 Howard Street. 415-543-LUSH

RSVP to the Facebook event or the Going.com event, à la Lyrics Born:

Lyrics Born RSVP to Filling Space event listing on Facebook

Lyrics Born might show up to my gallery


"Eddie" by street artist Eddie Colla



We threw this up last week in Hayes Valley. It’s fairly large 8ft X 16ft. There’s really no quick way to do this, so the best bet is to just simply act like you’re suppose to be there. I used to hit this wall quite a bit, but lately it had been taken over by illegal advertising. Posters of the latest dumb ass romantic comedy or Sting’s new album available at Starbucks, shit like that. So I decided to take it back. Everything is cool until the guy who owns the lot rolls up. This is generally the ultimate bull shitting challenge. Convince the guy who owns the property that you are ACTUALLY suppose to be there and there was just some miscommunication. It can be done. This particular guy however hated the illegal ads as much as us. So with his blessing we proceeded to finish. Working under permission can be quite liberating. Additionally I got to chat with the owner of Blue bottle coffee, who is apparently a fan. Which is nice because I too am a fan of his coffee.
All and all good day in Hayes Valley.AIR CITY 4


Air-Fremont-3Fremont Street Off Ramp, San Francisco.


Air-Fremont-51People always say we are destroying the environment. That seems funny to me. We are altering the environment. If we alter it enough, the environment will destroy us, thus eliminating the problem, and begin to heal itself. I object to altruistic language such as “save the planet”. Seriously, the planet isn’t going anywhere. It will be here long after we’re gone. Save the Planet? We need to save ourselves. We need to realize we’re not the ones running shit on this rock, but merely guests. We best behave ourselves, the planet doesn’t need us, we need it.