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Eddie Colla – Warholian.com Interview

Warholian.com did an interview with me last week. We talked about my new mural and some ongoing themes in my work.
See the full interview HERE

The Art of Speed

There are many criteria in which art can be judged. Color, composition, texture, content, flow, proportions etc. Street Art has an additional and crucial component, speed. When all goes well you can sneak a 10 ft chinese girl on a bike past caltrans and commuters in an efficient 6 minutes.BKG essex 1

June 10th, Bike girl

I was working with this image today in the studio.

IMG_8766.jpg picture by Eddiecolla

I need to find a good location for it. Someplace where people are sitting in traffic. 

IMG_8771.jpg picture by Eddiecolla

An image of a girl on a bike wearing a dust mask while you’re sitting in your car, in traffic, idling, may have some effect on peoples view of transportation and the environment, perhaps. If not, an eleven foot chinese girl on a bike may excite some bored commuters. We’ll see how it plays out.

IMG_8778.jpg picture by Eddiecolla