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Death Of a Wall

I haven’t driven to SF as of late and it’s been quite some time since I exited at Fremont St. ┬áToday I did, as a passenger, but just the same, I did. The Fremont street exit was unique in one very significant way. At the bottom of the ramp directly in front of you was a large concrete pillar and you were forced to turn left. However, the view of the pillar was unavoidable and moreover the flow of traffic was constant for a good part of the day. For a street artist it represented a almost perfect surface.

That said, it is no longer there. I believe it was a remnant of the old embarcadero freeway and had outlived it’s usefulness by a good 20 years. Finally it has been completely razed.

I wouldn’t consider myself a particularly sentimental person. People often pass through my life, their absence noted and clinically attributed to the nature or cycles of human interaction. The emotional equivalent of a shrug. ┬áSomething about that wall not being there anymore, got me thinking…

About all the pieces I’d put there, and the people I was with, and the passing of time. It was one of the first spots I ever got up on. It was exactly 52 inches wide. That pillar was in books and newspapers during the Obama campaign. I had pieces that ran for 2 or 3 months on there. I have new pieces that were planned for that spot.

That’s life though. You find your little places in the world, that are your’s and that make sense. That pillar was one of those places.

944 Mag

The August issue of 944. Thanks to Steve Rhodes for the flick.

Eddie x The New York Times

A while back I got interviewed for a piece in the New York Times. It made my mom proud.


Manifest Equality

A few loyal friends and myself took a little trip to Hollywood for the Manifest Equality Show. I had a piece in the show, but really I wanted to see all the great art that was gonna be there. There was some really amazing work by Michael Murphy, Aaron Axelrod, Shepard Fairey, El Mac,Scot Lefavor, and Robbie Conal, just to name a few. Also we wanted to go spread our message throughout the L.A. area.

The experience was very mixed for me. It was super inspiring and the efforts of the artists and the organizers renewed my faith in the citizens of this country to stand up for equality and fairness. At the same time the fact that prop 8 ever even passed seems like one giant leap backwards. That said, my main man Ramon and myself got busy spreading our meassage across LA. We thought it was a good opportunity to reclaim a mess of illegal NPA billboards and use them to perhaps affect some social change. As a result of the generosity of the Arts Fund we were also able to distribute close to 1000 poster and t-shirts at the gallery. We got mentioned on arrestedmotion and I actually got to chat with Jordan from public ad campaign, someone who’s work I have been a fan of for quite some time. My piece at the show sold to Cisco Adler on opening night. Good people, good times, good cause.

Not a bad way to spend a few days in L.A.




Pride Weekend

This past weekend was SF pride. I hit civic center with a bunch of my “stand up against (h)8 posters. I normally paste everything but I posted a bunch with just tape so people could tear them down and take them home if they wanted.
My friend got a cool shot of this couple snaggin one of the posters

I watched this guy stare at two of my posters for a good 10 minutes. I wonder what he was thinkin?