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A decade with no name

fiftyseven-thirtythree and the East Bay Express are Proud to present 2 Major Art exhibits at this year’s “Best of the East Bay” Party. “A Decade will no name”, Bay area art from the first 10 years of a new century, and “If these walls could Talk” Live Aerosol art.

As the aughts come to a close and we approach the dawn of a new decade we are collectively faced yet again with a challenge we may have not even completed these last ten years. As the scope, breadth and reach of technology and information expand at exponential proportions with every passing day, their affects on one of the country’s most ethnically and culturally diverse areas cannot go unnoticed… especially amongst the state’s highest percentage of people per capita who list their occupation as “artist”.

A multi-disciplinary look into the works currently being created in our collective backyard, “The Decade With No Name” serves as a celebration of the sculptors, painters, photographers and street artists who call Oakland, Berkeley and the greater East Bay their home.

From the the three-dimensional monstrous cake sculptures of Scott Hove, to Brett Amory’s figurative paintings, Amanda Lopez’ Dia de los Muertos photographs, the politically and socially inspired street art of Eddie Colla, Monica Canilao’s found object installations and Emory Douglas’ historical Black Panther graphic agitation, this showcase serves as a veritable who’s-who of the East Bay’s emerging and established artist community.

Join us during the East Bay Express’ “Best of the East Bay” party, Friday, August 6th as we celebrate the arts in Oakland’s historic Jack London Square. With a massive gallery space located right across from the concert’s main stage, as well as a sixty foot-long wall of live aerosol murals by Bay Area legends Chor Boogie, Apex and Eon75 occurring during the event, this is one party, and an art show, that you’re not going to want to miss.

Participating Artist’s “A decade with No Name”
Mike Shine, GATS, Brett Amory, Aaron Nagel, Amanda Lopez, Emory Douglas, Skinner, Eddie Colla, Scott Hove, Peter Gronquist, Owen Cook, Zoltron, Alika Copper, Ras Terms, Monica Canilao, David D’Andrea, Dave Correia, Jason Vivona, Deth P. Sun, John Felix Arnold, Brendan Monroe, James Swinson, John Coyne, Meagan Donegan, Lea Bruno, Annie Vought and Hangar 18 Print Showcase.

Participating Artist’s “If These Walls Could Talk”
Chor Boogie, Apex, Eon75, Dabs & Myla, Surge

Eddie x The New York Times

A while back I got interviewed for a piece in the New York Times. It made my mom proud.


fiftyseven-thirtythree store

So back in april I spent a good deal of time on the fiftyseven-thirtythree store interior. fiftyseven-thirtythree is located @ 4125 piedmont ave 2nd floor. 510 547 5733. It was a blast to get a whole room to do whatever I wanted with. So that’s what I did, exactly what I wanted to. Mad thanks to Lo, Kim, and Ramon for all the help. If you’re in the east bay go check it out.

Oakland Local

Got some love from Oakland Local

Last weekend I visited Baxter and Cook in San Francisco to attend the opening debut of an Oakland street artist.  Eddie Colla” is his name and though as a name it might not ring any bells, visually speaking anyone who pays attention to the abundance of street art in Oakland, on the Bay Bridge or graffiti hot spots like Linden Alley in San Francisco will know who I’m talking about.

Eddie first made a splash on the political street art scene during the Obama Presidential Campaign.  After the election, Eddie continued his street level activism with imagery calling for the overturning of Prop 8 as well as justice for Oscar Grant.  With his debut gallery show, Eddie Colla has managed to bring elements of his dynamic street pieces into the gallery setting… which is as close as you’re going to get to seeing his work in person, unless you’re willing to climb some walls, jump some fences, and occasionally, run from the police.”

Check out Oakland Local Here


When I first got this studio, I thought it was huge. It’s odd how people fill whatever space they occupy. It seems rather snug at this point.IMG_9280
I spent the last 2 days trying to break up the plane on the bike girl piece, in a way that makes sense. We’ll see…IMG_9260IMG_9276