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Open to compromise

Last week I received a few emails regarding my Sarah Palin Posters. A few of you took issue with the fact that I had combined an image of Sarah Palin with text that I had written. Point well taken. To remedy this, and to show that I am open taking constructive criticism, I re-worked the original poster and used an actual quote from Palin. Below is the new version, which should put an end to any talk implying I haven’t been fair and balanced.

Eddie Colla’s Sarah Palin poster on KTVU News

Enrage them with fear until they feel justified in their violence

Urban Osmosis at LoPo Gallery SF

Ken Harman at spoke art managed to put together yet another amazing group show. I got to show my work alongside an amazing array of talented artists. Kelly Towels, Gats, Ras Terms, Safety First, Nina, Dead Eyes, Cuss and Political Gridlock, Shark Toof, Chor Boogie, Eon75, Sfaustina, Hugh Leeman, Cryptik and of course D Young V. The opening was on New Years Eve and the show runs through January. Below are some great photos by SF phtographer Steve Rhodes

Eddie Colla – “My Life” Mural

Please join us for the opening reception of Eddie’s 50 ft. Mixed media painting entitled “My life” The Mural “My life” is based on a character that Eddie has developed over the last year. The character functions as a vechicle, for calling into question ideas about our changing world and the future. The text on this piece, loosely translated, reads “I have a name, but that doesn’t matter. This is my life.”. Within that life and that character, as within any life, are a complex set of overlapping contingent issues, disconnected observations and fantasies.
Read more about the mural here: on warholian.com
Thursday, November 11 · 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Ma Velous coffe and wine bar
1408 Market St.
San Francisco, CA

Marxist Glue

Here’s some pics from the Marxist Glue show @ Hold Up Art in L.A. I can’t say enough good things about the artists in this show or about the staff at Hold Up Art. It was really one of the best experiences I’ve had as an atrist. There are still some limited edition prints available here

Eddie Colla x D young V

D Young V and myself did this collision piece on the front of Space gallery, on Polk street, a few weeks back. I suspect D and I will be doin more of this in the future. He’s solid,we get along and work well together. So keep your eyes out for more of this.

Marxist Glue @ Hold up Art

This promises to be one of the best group shows this year. Check the line up
Robbie Conal Mear One Skullphone Shark Toof Cryptik ABCNT Yo!Peace Eddie Colla Mark Of the Beast Zoltron Phantom Political Gridlock Nomade Lucky Bunny Visual Communications

Thursday, October 28 at 6:00pm – November 15 at 6:00pm
Hold Up Art
358 East 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA
“Marxist Glue” will feature an overwhelming installation of LA’s top wheatpaste artists, converting Hold Up Art’s exhibition space walls into neutral battle grounds for this hand full of talented image makers. The show will also feature brand new limited edition silkscreen prints from each of the participating artists, available exclusively at Hold Up Art.
FIRST 50 people in line will receive a free 18×24 Marxist Glue official poster courtesy of ARTDIG.com

Death Of a Wall

I haven’t driven to SF as of late and it’s been quite some time since I exited at Fremont St.  Today I did, as a passenger, but just the same, I did. The Fremont street exit was unique in one very significant way. At the bottom of the ramp directly in front of you was a large concrete pillar and you were forced to turn left. However, the view of the pillar was unavoidable and moreover the flow of traffic was constant for a good part of the day. For a street artist it represented a almost perfect surface.

That said, it is no longer there. I believe it was a remnant of the old embarcadero freeway and had outlived it’s usefulness by a good 20 years. Finally it has been completely razed.

I wouldn’t consider myself a particularly sentimental person. People often pass through my life, their absence noted and clinically attributed to the nature or cycles of human interaction. The emotional equivalent of a shrug.  Something about that wall not being there anymore, got me thinking…

About all the pieces I’d put there, and the people I was with, and the passing of time. It was one of the first spots I ever got up on. It was exactly 52 inches wide. That pillar was in books and newspapers during the Obama campaign. I had pieces that ran for 2 or 3 months on there. I have new pieces that were planned for that spot.

That’s life though. You find your little places in the world, that are your’s and that make sense. That pillar was one of those places.

Sunday Outing

I went out with Gaia, Hugh Leeman and David Young V a few weeks ago on a little sunday outing.  Ended up on Juxtapoz here, Hi fructose here and Brooklyn Streetart here.